About ISS

ISS was founded on the belief that many more leaders would embrace true employee involvement if they had access to a proven guide to assist them in an efficient and effective manner.

True involvement goes far beyond suggestion programs or newsletters or a host of other programs that inform employees but do not really engage their hearts and minds. Long term success is gained when an organization’s constituents “…understand, accept and are committed to the idea that they can make a difference.”1 This condition is unfortunately far too rare in the contemporary business community.

The vast majority of workers are essentially disenfranchised by the chain of command and the rules and regulations that form the culture of an organization. They are a huge, untapped resource if only given an understanding of “the necessary.”2

Fortunately there is a process, unique to each organization, which not only encourages true involvement but also nurtures and taps the inherent human traits of creativity and competition.

Joseph N. Scanlon

Joseph N. Scanlon

This process is not new; it was developed by Joseph Scanlon, a Steelworkers Union President in the 1930’s. Mr. Scanlon believed that the only way the company he worked for, Empire Sheet and Tin Plate, could survive the effects of the Great Depression was by challenging and utilizing the intelligence and ingenuity of ALL of its human resources. This meant cooperation on the shop floor and in the boardroom. The process he created was successful and it will work in any organization whose leaders really believe in people.

Our web page contains a great deal of information regarding not only the principles and processes associated with Scanlon plans but also relevant statistics verifying the efficacy of the process. We look forward to working with interested organizations and helping you maximize your human capital.

1 Hugh DePree, Past Chairman, Herman Miller
2 Joseph N. Scanlon