About Bob Browning

John Robert (Bob) Browning, President, ISS Consulting

John Robert (Bob) Browning, President, ISS Consulting

John Robert (Bob) Browning, Jr. is the founder and President of ISS. He spent 30 years working in 9 different industries before launching his consulting practice. He has worked in all sections of the United States and has compiled an extensive list of accomplishments in the field of labor / management relations and productivity enhancement.

He earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee. He then pursued post MBA education at the University of Alabama in international management / global finance and most recently studied operations management, statistics and international marketing at Portland State University.

Bob is a USAF veteran with tours of duty in both Vietnam and Thailand during the Vietnam War. He was an All American athlete with Washington State University in 1966 as well as a Pacific 8 Conference Champion.

The knowledge he has gained from years of diverse business experiences enables him to blend theory and practice into positive solutions for progressive organizations. He has been privileged to be associated with the Scanlon Leadership network as a certified and endorsed consultant for over 25 years. A quote from Joseph Scanlon rings especially true today:

“What we are trying to say is simply this: That the average worker knows his own job better than anyone else, and that there are a great many things that he could do if he has a complete understanding of the necessary. Given this opportunity of expressing his intelligence and ingenuity, he becomes a more useful and more valuable citizen in any given community or in any industrial operation.”

Joseph N. Scanlon