ISS Services

While the design, installation, maintenance and renewal of Scanlon-type productivity/gainshare plans is the primary thrust of our business we also work with clients who wish to insure that all of their policies and processes are congruent with total involvement.

Some organizations prefer to explore and implement progressive, yet less sweeping, Human Resource friendly processes/policies before embarking on an enterprise wide gainsharing effort. Some of our more popular offerings in this regard include:

  • Positive Discipline: A focus on correcting behavior rather than punishing offenders and their families.
  • Economic Awareness: Profit is not a four letter word. Employees need to fully understand that profit is the lifeblood of any organization and it is the means of making that profit that are either good or bad.
  • Supervisory Development: Certified Supervisor programs for current individuals in supervisory positions and high performing employees to build bench strength.
  • Human Resources Audit: An outside review by a member of our team who essentially acts as an adjunct to your HR efforts.
  • Food for Thought: One or more luncheons where the attendees are exposed to leading ege thinking regarding maximizing the Human Resource. You can pick from a series of topics or leave the choice to ISS for your approval.

The purpose of ISS is to help you maximize the contribution of your human resources.