Value Proposition

The Scanlon Leadership Network offers members a community of like-minded businesspeople committed to continuously improving operations in a manner that bestows dignity and a sense of purpose to every single employee.

The Scanlon business philosophy can be differentiated from all other management philosophies, improvement techniques, systems and tools because of four key factors.

Values-Based: The Scanlon Principles are born out of a deep respect for all employees and the enormous contributions they can bring to the business if they are completely engaged. It is these Scanlon Principles that have helped pioneer Theory Y, Labor Management Cooperation, Employee Involvement, Open-Book Management, Gainsharing, and Servant Leadership.

Employee-Focused: The purpose of the Scanlon Principles is to transform culture from an “us versus them” philosophy to one of partnerships committed to delivering results for all stakeholders. The level of teamwork and integrity that the Scanlon commitment demands of all employees is a tonic for the greed and graft that have infiltrated American business.

Time-Tested: Scanlon is no “flavor of the month.” For over 70 years, the Scanlon Principles have stood at the very heart of engaging people to apply their full creativity, energy and commitment toward building a winning team and helping people achieve their full potential to make a difference. Scanlon is the most researched and tested organizational development process in the United States.

Proven Financial Benefit: Scanlon doesn’t have a handful of business success stories, it has books full of them. Scanlon has helped create high performance organizations in the manufacturing, healthcare, banking, retail, warehousing, mining and communication sectors. On average, Scanlon companies achieve over a 150% return on investment while increasing compensation by 5%, and they have produced billions of dollars in cost savings and new product innovations.