Employee Involvement – Competence

Employee Involvement - CompetenceIn my last blog in this Employee Involvement series I wrote about the Participation principle. Today I want to take you through the COMPETENCE principle.

This is probably the most intuitive and easiest to understand of the four principles.  In essence, and it can be said many ways, we are talking about the right job done right.

Improvement in competence, even maintenance of competence is a never ending process. All of us can be better at what we do. Ideally every employee, no matter their level should be highly skilled, able, interested, encouraging and growing in knowledge of their particular skill set every day. Once you know how to do something, question yourself as to why it is done that way? Is there a better way?  How can you modify what you do to make the next process smoother or better?

Competence is becoming increasingly effective in what you do. It takes commitment to expend the energy necessary. It takes management that is sincerely interested in each employee taking advantage of opportunities for improvement and in many cases providing those opportunities if they do not already exist.

A major driver of an individual’s quest for competency is Identity. The employee wants the company to succeed, because when it does he/she identifies with it. Each employee understands that there is another employee, in a competitor doing exactly the job they are doing.

The drive for increasing competence should cause the involved employee to ask at the end of each day, who won today?

In the next blog I will write about the final principle of the foundation of the most successful and longest lasting employee involvement process in history – EQUITY.