Three Step Process

ISS follows a three-step process in the implementation of group gainshare plans based on the Scanlon EPIC Principles. As the process unfolds it can all be abandoned at any time by management since ALL preparation is experimental and the final plan must be approved and endorsed by management and by at least 90% of the rank and file through a secret ballot.

1) Perform an Extensive Analysis of Your Company’s “Culture”

The process begins with an extensive analysis of your company’s “culture”. Not all cultures are automatically conducive to group gainshare plans. The results of this analysis will present the client with their first decision point in the exploratory process.

2) Ascertain a Fair Baseline Number to Measure Results

Given that the management’s decision is to continue implementation, the next step is to ascertain a fair “baseline” number that will be used to determine whether collective effort, as maximized by the plan exceeds historical standards. This is a critical step to the three constituencies that make up the Scanlon triangle: the customer, the shareholder, and the employees.

3) Build the Participation / Involvement Model

The final step is building the participation/involvement model that is the heart and soul of the Scanlon system. This involves the formation of Productivity Councils (the engines) and the Screening Committee (the CPU).

ISS will be honored to work with you in maximizing your human resources. There is nothing wrong with the individual work ethic; successful productivity/gainshare programs prove that. It is up to the leadership of organizations to either curse the productivity darkness or light a match. ISS will provide that match.